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30 July 2023

The annual summer guide club season two

The activities of the second season of the annual summer guides club started with the participation of 80 flowers and its guide under the slogan "Our summer is passion and challenge". Where the activities of the program continue for a week in the morning period, with the aim of participating community girls in achieving scouting educational goals.

The program enhances capabilities and skills and works on self-development and national affiliation by adopting an educational, scouting, guiding approach in its various aspects such as the social, spiritual, physical, mental, and scouting aspects in an educational and recreational manner appropriate to the participating age groups. Some indicative scouting hobbies have been added to the club's program because of its active role in achieving the goals of the Scout Association and country guides, in cooperation with the competent authorities in preparing targeted educational courses and workshops.

The announcement of the Al-Birq competition, according to conditions and controls that encourage adherence to laws, positive spirit, and good morals, has spread the spirit of competition and challenge between the teams. The program has received the approval of the participants and their positive interaction.

The activities of the Girl Guides Club on its last day included an entertainment trip to Jungle Zone, in which all flowers and guides participated in various adventures and games such as jumping, competing, and emptying energy, which would bring joy and pleasure to them. The periodic evaluation was also continued, as competition between the packages and the teams increased to achieve the conditions for receiving the lightning 

The club's programs were concluded with an exhibition produced by flowers and guides, where workshops were carried out during this week to achieve hobby badges, as was done in a joyful ceremony to present some offers and distribute honor certificates and gifts in addition to Announcement of the narcissus bouquet with lightning.


  • Time: 00:00-00:00
  • Location: qatar scout building

Ministry of Education And Higher Education

Ministry of Education And Higher Education