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12 December 2021

240 Scouts participate in the Scout camp for the boys stage

240 Scouts participate in the Scout camp for the boy's stage

The Qatar Scouts and Guides Association organized an awareness-raising scout camp for boys for the preparatory stage at the Scout camp in Sealine, which lasted from (9 to 11 December 2021).

With the participation of (240) scouts representing (9) scout teams from preparatory schools for boys under the slogan: “The ancestors’ footsteps are a trust” which is the slogan of the National Day.

This entertaining gathering aimed to develop the patriotic feeling among the Scouts, and activate participation towards creativity, excellence, and global communication.

Commander Hamad Al-Omari welcomed the participating scouting teams for their efforts in making the gathering a success. Al-Omari expressed what he saw of the students’ skills and the preparations and arrangements for the gathering, indicating that these activities come in light of the solidarity and cooperation of all with the aim of adhering to the promise and the prescriptions of the Scout Law, and the consolidation of religious, social and health concepts, as well as developing the innovation ability of scouts, using the democratic method in the discussion, and working on developing their physical abilities and their improvement, and to play effective and useful roles for the community, and to enable them to perform voluntary services in several fields.

For his part, Commander Ghanem Al-Kuwari pointed to the importance of such gatherings for their role in raising young people with a good education, which instills in them the love of the homeland, appreciating the distinguished effort of the Scouts and at the same time pointing to the importance of the activity carried out by the Scouts of Qatar, stressing that the association works on the same distance Among all spectrums of scouting work, in terms of adhering to the goal, principles and method of scouting, and enabling scouts at their various stages to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors, which instill in them awareness of national identity and awareness of openness to justice and human civilization, building their personality on their own, and preparing scouts at this stage to Love of work and insight into its moral value, its effective role in the formation of personality, instilling ambition for excellence and creativity, achieving the defense of the homeland and contributing to its prosperity.

He said that the gathering - which lasted for three days and was held in the Scout camp in Sealine - focused its program on the application of scouting traditions, learning about outdoor life, and applications on the cellular journey as one of the practical means through which scouts learn about scouting curricula, which is the practical school in which they have applied The information obtained, and the program also included the participation of the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Administration of Civil Defense, to educate the Boy Scouts on security and safety matters. At the forefront of it comes a call to the emergency number (999) to request assistance, and a number of tips and instructions were given to them on how to prevent fire, and the supervisors distributed a set of awareness publications on fighting fires and avoiding their causes.

The scouts also carried out the cleaning process of the Sealine Reserve, where they collected nearly two and a half tons of paper, plastic, and metal waste, with the participation of more than 90 scouts and scout leaders, as it comes within the activities carried out by the association and its sectors throughout the year within the national scout project for environmental cleanliness and protection, which this year sheds more light on the world of nature, the environment, and the natural resources that the land of Qatar enjoys. Commander Ali Hussein Al-Nama’a also stressed that the interest in this reserve comes from the association’s awareness of its mission to serve and develop society, and to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and mobilizing energies and capabilities to develop a sense of social responsibility towards the environment and the role of each individual and each institution for a clean environment, pointing out The association continues to implement it until it achieves its vision and mission, and the leader, Hizam Naji, said, "The waste was collected based on the categories, so plastic was collected alone and metal alone, and the total collected amount of waste was 2.5.

The birds of the Qatari environment, wild plants, and herbs were also learned, in addition to practical applications for the summer ceremony, walking training, and carrying out community public service.

The participants in the camp expressed their benefit from the scouting program that was implemented, which was distinguished by the diversity in the practical and applied paragraphs, and the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood that prevailed during the implementation of the program, and the keenness to contribute to the service and development of the community.

On this occasion, the Qatar Scouts and Guides Association would like to thank the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, represented by Mr. Saleh Hassan Al Kuwari, Director of the Department of Natural Reserves, for their contribution to the success of the workshops in the camp. 

This gathering was supervised by Commander Hamad Youssef Al-Omari, Commander Ghanem Al-Kuwari, Commander Ali Hussein Al-Neama, Commander Hizam Naji, Commander Ahmed Khamis Al-Youssef, Commander Yaqoub Al-Jaber, and Commander Khaled Al-Hitmi.

Scout teams representing the following schools participated in the gathering: Abu Ubaida Preparatory School for Boys, Mesaieed Primary Preparatory School, Abdulrahman bin Jassim Preparatory School, Abdullah bin Ali Al-Misnad Preparatory School, Hamza Preparatory School, Abdul Rahman bin Auf Preparatory School, Al-Razi Preparatory School, and Al-Ahnaf bin School Qais Preparatory School and Yarmouk Preparatory School.



  • Time: 05:00-05:00
  • Location: the Scout camp in Sealine