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03 November 2020

Scout Leaders Meeting

The Qatari Scouts and Guides Association organized a scout meeting for the leaders of scout teams in its various stages, with the aim of presenting the association's activities and programs for the year 2019/2020 and urging the application of the developed scout curricula.

The Commissioner-General of the Qatari Scouts and Girl Guides Association, Mr. Jassim Muhammad al-Hardan, said during his speech at the meeting after conveying to them the greetings of His Excellency Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nuaimi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, President of the Qatari Scouts and Girl Guides Association, that this meeting comes to study the future aspirations, plans, and goals of the association. And the scouting programs for the target group from the different stages of discovery

He emphasized the necessity of applying the developed Arab Scout curricula, which is the conclusion of years of diligent work in development, experimentation, and study in the Arab Scout field supervised by a committee of experts in curricula and education and field leaders familiar with the needs and characteristics of each stage of the year.

The Commissioner-General stressed the need to improve the image of the Scout movement through the development of programs and activities that contribute to communication with the community and the importance of interacting with national, Arab, and international events and days so that the scout is effective and connected to its local and global reality.

He also stressed the importance of preserving the Scouting traditions that depend on "Promise and Law", the small group system, the outdoors, the hobby and adequacy badge system, and the gradual and exciting programs.

At the end of his speech, he offered thanks and appreciation to the school principals

Government officials, directors of private schools, communities, leaders of scouting teams, various media outlets, and local newspapers - we were recognized for their role in promoting scout activities, appreciating their efforts in supporting the Scout movement in all its forms.

The meeting program had started with some examples. Commander Hamad Al-Omari reviewed the issue of scouting band formation and management, and the methods for attracting new members to the group, applying scouting traditions, and activating the band’s role in serving and developing society.

Commander / Ghanem Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari also reviewed the evaluation criteria for scout team leaders in order to encourage the leaders to compete and inspire enthusiasm among the scouts to activate the scouting activities and programs in terms of quantity and quality to support a strategy for this field and in line with the application of the developed scout curricula.

Commander Khaled Al-Hitmi reviewed methods of communication through social media and supervised the organization of the meeting, Commander Ghanem Al-Kuwari, Commander Hamad Yousef Al-Omari, Commander Khaled Saqr Al-Hitmi, Commander Hizam Naji, Commander Ali Hussein Al-Neama, Commander Ahmed Khamis, Commander Nasser Al-Hammadi and Commander Abdullah Hadi Al-Nahdi

  • Time: 09:00-02:00
  • Location: qatar scout building

Ministry of Education And Higher Education

Ministry of Education And Higher Education