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03 November 2020

Global virtual scout camp on air and online ”Jota-Joti“

Members of the Qatari Association of Scouts and Guides participated in the virtual world scout camp on the air and the Internet in the 62nd on-air Jamboree, "JOTA" and the 23 on the Internet "JOTI", in cooperation with the Qatar Radio Amateurs Association.

Qatar scouts have communicated with brothers and friends from the scouts of the world during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 18, 19, and 20 October, via the wireless station, set up by the Radio Amateurs Association in the Marine Scout Camp in Al-Khor on the call for this occasion (A71AJOTA). It connects more than a million Scouts from more than 172 member states together.

The Commissioner-General, Commander Jassim Muhammad Al-Hardan, explained that “Jota and Guti” is a global scouting event that enhances the quality of Scouting, its principles and its method in line with the needs and aspirations of youth today, and is suitable for generating positive energy to support and develop the Scout movement.

Al-Hardan indicated that World Scouts are working through this camp to enhance the Scouts' sense of belonging to the Scout Movement, to promote peace, cultural awareness, tolerance, and good citizenship, to encourage innovation and creativity, and to provide exciting opportunities for young people to explore technology and develop technical skills.

Theoretical lectures and practical exercises implemented by Qaid

The camp Ahmed Khamis Al-Youssef included the definition of the meaning of the camp. Jota is an annual event that gathers scouts all over the world to make contact with everyone through the means of radio amateurs. Shortwave radio signals carry their voices to nearly every corner of the world.

And then enter into direct conversations with fellow Scouts across their countries and around the world. It is an event through which scouts share experiences and ideas and exchanges.

Both of these two scout gatherings aim to enable and encourage scouts of the world to communicate with one another from radio and internet amateurs, in addition to providing them with expertise

An interesting and attractive learning scout, while promoting their affiliation with the World Scout Movement. Commander Al-Youssef indicated: - The activities carried out during the scout camp are to identify countries on the map with posters indicating the state's position at the time of communication according to time and weather.

The Jota and Jute represent two official events of the World Scout Organization in which scouts around the world meet during the third week of October of each year for 48 hours, dialogue and exchange experiences and knowledge using the various technologies available locally and with the help of radio amateurs in their countries with the aim of establishing friendships with scouts around the world and knowing more about their countries, their culture, and their scouting lives to create awareness, understanding, and friendship with people who live outside their environment and stimulate interest in the technology used in communication and develop understanding and knowledge of these technologies in a way that allows everyone to do so without any transfer or costs, and radio amateurs' associations and clubs around the world offer the last thing. The technologies of wireless devices have come up, and provide information on the importance of the wireless hobby in connecting people to each other.

This virtual camp is an opportunity for members of the Qatari Scouts to learn the importance of communications and its role in the service of humanity and the role of the radio and internet enthusiast in being an ambassador for his country who informs others about his cultural, civilizational and human heritage, and many activities have been held within the camp activities, starting with raising the flag and greeting it (as one of the elements of the scouting tradition) And singing the national anthem, and a member of the association and radio amateurs in Qatar gave a lecture on the history and types of communications.

The Scouts focused on the fact that Qatar is a land of love and peace and that Qatar is able to host the World Cup (2022) and on Qatar's vision (2030).

For the eleventh year in a row, the Qatar Amateur Radio Society participated in the official international event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, on the Day of Scouting on the Air, represented by members of the Board of Directors and a number of members of the Society, as the Society prepared and equipped an international wireless station in Al Khor city to be used during the event period International.

In the camp, Abdullah bin Ali Al-Musnad Preparatory School and MES School participated in the camp

  • Time: 08:00-12:00
  • Location: qatar scouts building - alkhor camp

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